Public relations agency for the UK music and entertainment industries, specialising in regional media for recording artists and bespoke national entertainment campaigns.

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Warren Higgins started working within Music PR from January 2000, working a wide variety of genres and acts before starting Chuff Media in July 2006, specialising in Regional & Touring Press.

Since then, the company has risen to become one of the top regional PR companies within the UK. Handling a roster that includes some of the world’s biggest names, across numerous genres, for some of the most successful labels around, whilst always maintaining a foothold with its grassroots by continuing to work new acts, be they unsigned or on independent labels.

Outside of London and the M25 lies a wealth of publications and media that are vital in developing and maintaining a long and successful career. With the readership being so diverse we have always made a conscious decision not to ‘specialise’ in one genre, rather we aim to work across the board in terms of style and then approach each campaign individually and accordingly.

Our strong client base has come about through years of continuing to deliver results on campaigns and building relationships (professional and personal) with all members of staff, be they in Marketing, A&R, Press, Radio & TV.

Over the years Chuff Media has been approached to work some non-music related events that had a regional and national focus; and always looking for new challenges, we set about working events within dance & theatre, pop exhibitions, store openings, street food festivals and spoken word tours. The company continues to explore and expand this area of the business with an ever growing eclectic list of successful campaigns.

Everyone values - the contribution Chuff Media brings to their project and feel confident with what we do.

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