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The time has come for We Three to make a major breakthrough in the UK as they look set to take their Statesidesuccess global. Fuelled by colossal melodies, powerful emotions and exemplary musicianship, the trio are well on their way to breaking the 200 million streams landmark and have exceeded 2.2 million followers on social media. Their audience spans different generations, as shown by their biggest social platforms being TikTok and Facebook.

“Happy”, their 3rd album, is a product of frontman, songwriter and producer Manny Humlie’s urge to write intensely personal lyrics from the heart - a trait which has consistently connected with a fanbase that’s always expanding. There are no gimmicks: just timeless songwriting, open-hearted honesty and razor-sharp alt-pop production. It possesses an instant appeal, which was proven by a sold-out crowd singing the song back to them just a day after they posted a teaser for the track.

Completed by Manny’s siblings Bethany Blanchard (bass) and Joshua Humlie (keys/drums), the title of the new album reflects their current state of mind. Its fourteen songs were all written and produced by Manny. His lyrics explore the twists and turns of relationships, but those hefty themes are at turns infused with humour and self-deprecation. While its moods span the spectrum from melancholy to upbeat, its scope is complemented by the band’s trademark versatility as they stretch from soaring emotional ballads to striking pop party-starters.

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