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Pa Salieu is a 23-year-old rapper from Coventry. He is proud of his Gambian heritage, fluent in Wolof and keen to represent his culture wherever possible. He blends his West Midlands upbringing & Gambian heritage into a uniquely powerful brand of rap that has seen him carve out space as the most exciting new voice in British music.

Pa has a deep-rooted belief that music is a calling bigger than him, whether that’s down to his families tribe’s folk music background or the death of his close friend AP which drove him to write his first lyrics.

He is a pioneering force across British youth culture – whose message and energy knows, no borders. A street prophet – an old spirit, old soul who offers a fresh and fiercely independent look at a life that many can relate too.

“Everything that you bring has such a finesse to it, I wish I could put it into words - you’re in your own lane” - ANNIE MAC

“I’m predicting big things for him this year…” - MAYA JAMA

“So special” - MARY ANNE HOBBS

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