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A candid, positive and important voice in contemporary pop, the Brit Award winner’s new music emerged not just in the wake of a startling few years in the public eye, but through the life-changing lens of the pandemic. Right at the beginning of lockdown, Mabel and her dogs moved back in with her parents, she threw herself into dance classes, and channelled everything she missed (close friends, the big night out, young love, feeling unafraid) into this brand new musical chapter. Inspiration on tracks like ‘Good Luck’ ran deeper for Mabel than the imagined dancefloor: she avidly watched and re-watched ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Pose’ and ‘Drag Race' between writing songs, reflecting on how dance music became a generational hub for expression, liberation and inclusion. As she continued work on the project in the UK, US and between various lockdowns, Mabel made a joyous return to the live circuit with scene-stealing appearances at the likes of Reading & Leeds and Mighty Hoopla. It was also a chance for Mabel to tease what she had been working on, dropping new single ‘Let Them Know’ – an unapologetic anthem about dressing up (with nowhere to go), and projecting confidence for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t deserve to be in the room.

Having just landed a staggering eleventh top 20 smash with ‘I Wish’ (a collaboration with Joel Corry), Mabel has now surpassed 4.5 billion streams and 2.5 million adjusted album sales for debut album ‘High Expectations’ (the biggest selling debut by a British woman in 2019). The Mabel of 2022 is a young woman living in full and self-actualised power, and on ‘Good Luck’, she’s made yet another classic banger to empower anyone else who needs to feel that, too.

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