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Following his successful 2020 string of singles including ​‘Same Old Love​’​, ​‘Peach’​ and the undeniable ​‘Roses’​ - his debut single which shot him out of the gate and now sits on an incredible ​9.2 million views​ - Finn has not only been growing in the UK, but after ​Taeyong from notorious KPOP group NCT shared Roses​, saw him trend in Korea and pick up a dedicated following there that has propelled him globally and seen him establish himself on several Korean digital music charts. Creating undeniable earworms that transcend location and language and showcasing his versatile approach to pop music, ​Peach​ the EP does not disappoint in delivering an impressive debut with a song for everybody.

Tipped as a ​One To Watch for 2021​ by ​The Line of Best Fit​, the young Somerset artists, eclectic and varied range juxtaposes even the most melancholy lyrics with upbeat, heartwarming synths, guitar melodies and a enthusiasm, stretching way beyond Finn’s 19 years. Speaking on the ethos behind the EP, Finn remarks ​“I wanted to create something that showed how creative I really am. I’m a kid from a small countryside town where there is no music scene at all but I’ve had so many musical influences, which has created my mad diverse music taste.”

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