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APRE are one of the UK’s most exciting, astute new bands. Fronted by co-vocalists Charlie and Jules, the group appear as inspired by the socially conscious, observational lyricsm of Pet Shop Boys as the indie lineage of acts like Foals, via the culture-colliding production of Peter Gabriel. The band’s innately massive-sounding songs derive, too, from a more introspective, outsider-status. Finding few creative opportunities in their respectively suburban upbringings, it was the unlikely confinement of a West London chess club where APRE formed, and first found their own outlet for escapism. And it’s the harsh reality of the outside world that the band have frequently spun on its head over the last couple of years. Whether addressing the turbulent political climate (‘Guns Down’), the more isolating aspects of technology (‘Everyone’s Commute’) or how modern relationships survive all this (see recent single ‘Your Heart’s Like A Jungle’), APRE have refined their eclectic, experimental sound into songs which are as hugely accomplished as they are emotionally open.

Currently working on much more music from home - the band have always written, recorded, and produced everything DIY - ‘Go Somewhere’ is a timely reminder of the kind of universal, positive, and affirming pop music that’s still possible when you can’t actually go anywhere at all.

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